Queue Management & Digital Signage System

Queue Management & Digital Signage System

First of all a solution, with which the efficiency, the quality, sales and Service productivity of a Customer Service can be increased. Secondly is an IT system with hardware and software components, which consists of the following elements:

-Ticket dispenser terminal
-Central display
-Counter display and staff terminal
-ONLINET CDS software
-Digital Signage
-Customer Feedback
-Analytical Reports

The number of daily visitors at a customer service and the types of services completed by them are important data for all major organization. However in majority of cases these information cannot be extracted using the existing tools and equipment, moreover the full "track" of the client spent at the customer service cannot be traced from the moment of entering and taking a ticket till the final leave of the customer service. Similar operations can happen "on the other side of the desk", as all big companies consider as important information the parameters of the working and efficiency of the managers and service providing staff. Beside the general direction of clients, these are the major tasks of a customer flow management system.

How does it work?

The customer who enters the Customer Service will select a service on the ticket dispenser terminal, then with the printed ticket will sit down in the customer waiting area. During the waiting, the customer can follow the calling of the ticket numbers on a central display, which in the same time, can play even commercials. The administration can be easier if the customer made a pre-registration or identified himself at the ticket dispenser terminal. The management, using the up-to-date statistics in the system, can react immediately in a specific case and is able to design more precisely a long-term strategy.

Queue Management System's Benefits:

-Reduced waiting times
-Reduced administration times
-Increased number of daily transactions
-Increased staff efficiency
-Increased customer satisfaction
-Reduced stress level and number of conflicts
-Increased sales and cross-sales
-Increased staff motivation
-Increased customer loyalty
-Increased revenue and cost effectiveness
-Increased quality services

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Our solutions are mainly used by

-Building societies
-Healthcare institutions, Dental surgeries
-Shoe and fashion stores
-Mobile, internet, cable TV suppliers
-Self-service restaurants, small and medium sized shops
-Galleries, museums
-Travel agencies, tourist information points, car rentals
-Beauty shops, hairdressers
-Malls, Supermarkets
-Store chains
-Insurance companies
-Real estate agencies

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