Professional Services

Professional Software Services

Professional software services provides a portfolio of information technology, applications and business process outsourcing services starting from Education, to Government and Financial Services.

Portal Services

We Offer all types of portals such as: content portals, transaction portals, and collaboration portals.
We provide the customers with a wide variety of services in building enterprise portals, including new portal architecture, portal interface design, portal implementation services, portal upgrades, portal operations and portal customization and integration with other existing applications such as ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence

BI Buisness Intelligence

Using the right business intelligence tools is very important to help decision makers keep up with the challenges of ever increasing business pressures.

- Data Discovery
- Data Profiling and Metadata layer
- Gap Analysis
- Data Cleansing
- Design Data Population plan and Building ETL Jobs
- Build DW logical data layer
- Build Physical data layer
- Data Loading
- Multidimensional Modeling
- Key Performance Indicators
- Industry Specific Key Performance Indicators
- Data Mining

Application Development Outsourcing

We offer a variety of services including design, development, implementation, testing and debugging as well as product rollout and support.

Business software Development work involves the following:

- Custom Web Development
- Custom Windows Development
- Web Site App Design and Architecture
- Windows App Design and Architecture
- ASP.NET Applications
- VB.NET Applications
- C#.NET Applications
- J2SE development
- J2ME development
- J2EE development
- Oracle applications Development

Content Management

Backlog Scanning


Higher Education DW & KPI Model

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