Oracle Hardware / SUN

Oracle Hardware/SUN Microsystems

Oracle SUN helped pioneer information technology over the years and it stands today at the forefront of a worldwide industry that is revolutionizing the way in which enterprises, organizations and people operate and thrive.

The pace of change in that industry, of course, is accelerating, and its scope and impact are widening. In these pages, you can trace that change from the earliest antecedents of Oracle SUN, to the most recent developments. You can scan the entire Oracle SUN continuum from the 19th century to the 21st or pinpoint year-by year or decade-by-decade the key events that have led to the Oracle SUN of today. We hope that you enjoy this unique look back at the highly textured history of the SUN. HAL has a First Tier authorized Oracle SUN dealer agreement in Saudi Arabia. This entitles HAL to market all SUN SPARC and Intel based range of products. HAL provides sales, technical, maintenance and after sales services to the entire Oracle SUN products it sells.

Oracle Servers

Application flexibility, solution choice and innovative technology for extreme performance, outstanding scalability, reliability and security: Oracle SUN is all about offering you the tools you need to help transform your organization into an on demand business.

Oracle Thin Client

Oracle SUN Ray desktops make power seem effortless. They feature steel-chassis designs for durability and serviceability and support the latest technology to help keep you ahead of the game.

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