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iGrafx has been a leader in helping companies achieve process excellence for nearly two decades. By providing solutions that enable companies to define, analyze, improve and manage processes we help them gain competitive advantage in today's fast-paced, global environment.

Achieving organizational objectives for key performance indicators such as profitability, customer satisfaction and resource utilization has often meant changing the way the organization operates and is managed. Whether they are following a formal methodology or implementing an internally driven initiative, many companies today are taking a process centric approach to realize organizational gains.

Our solutions are used by leading companies in a variety of industries for a wide range of process improvement initiatives. By using iGrafx, companies can capture process knowledge at the source - the process owners. That information can be managed and shared throughout the organization using the process repository.

iGrafx offers a comprehensive set of business process excellence Tools, helping companies to:

- Match business objectives with IT,
- Accomplish guidelines, regulations and rules,
- Implement business process management,
- Lead and accomplish initiatives like Lean, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management.

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